Using RAID-1: Advantages and Disadvantages

Server maintenance is crucial to the server’s overall performance. One of the most significant methods of server maintenance involves utilizing Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, more commonly known as RAID. This storage system is fairly standard in most servers and NAS devices, making them a highly useful part of proper maintenance. This is incredibly valuable […]

Using GIS to Improve Retail Customer Experience

The retail industry is constantly growing, especially in emerging markets characterized by new growth opportunities. The GIS market in Canada alone is worth more than $450 million, with year-over-year growth of around 13 percent. As the retail industry continues to increase in complexity, retailers must become more aware of trade areas, strategic store locations, and […]

Incorporating Drone Technology in GIS

Drones are changing our perspectives of the world. They can monitor the planet, yet they do not have the fuel or manpower requirements of conventional image-gathering aircraft. These remote-controlled flying cameras can go nearly anywhere and collect layers of data that can be used to better business processes or our quality of life. The images […]


A Geographic Information System (GIS) transforms data into a map. Analysts use it to gain insight into any relationships, patterns, or trends that may exist. These maps can be a very powerful tool, as they portray a story and help us understand what is happening in a given geographic space. A career in GIS requires […]

Revolutionary Trends in the GIS Industry

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) refers to a set of tools and applications capable of storing, manipulating, visualizing, and analyzing spatial or non-spatial data (Geographic Information System n.d.).  GIS was first used in 1968 by Roger Tomlinson to aid in regional planning, and has evolved dramatically in popularity since.  Spatial analysis has always been important, and […]


Colours, including black and white, can be used effectively to make every piece of graphic design and illustration come alive. However, situations may also arise when exercising too much creativity with colours does not result in the desired outcome. Our eyes are naturally drawn to certain combinations of colours, and thankfully, there are some specific […]

GIS Applications: Utilities

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is readily used by a growing number of organizations to improve their decision-making processes. GIS and location intelligence applications go beyond typical location finding services. They refer to a multitude of different technologies, processes, and methods related to engineering, geographical planning, and transportation, among others. They are the foundation of […]


Communication is vital to survival, and this is evident in many living organisms. Bees perform dances to let other worker bees know where to find pollen; small whales emit distinct siren calls to communicate with other whales; even plants use their intricate root systems for communication.   Early Communications The history of long-distance human communication […]